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Design, Buy and Sell digital art and more. Use our interactivesocial features and release your limitless imagination.Welcome to the start of something great!

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Interoperability has always been difficult in blockchain ecosystems, but in NFT marketplaces, it is certainly a problem. Cross-chain technology is a developing technology that permits the transfer of money and information between several blockchain networks.Read More

Features LooBr only has!

Cross-Chain is a true cross-chain marketplace, currently supporting BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, and Cardano NFTs. As we continuously implement improvements to our platform, additional popular blockchains will be added. LooBr innovation!

KYC Badge

Veriff is a highly reputable European company who does 3rd party ID verification, compatible with almost 200 countries. This fast and simple KYC process is handled entirely by Veriff, and at no time will any information provided to them be seen, known, or stored by LooBr.

End-to-End Encryption

Our Messenger is fully end-to-end encrypted for your complete privacy. No one, including LooBr, can view your private conversations.

Text/Voice/Video Chats

No matter how you like to communicate, LooBr has you covered. With access to text chats, voice chats, and video chats, you can connect with like-minded people or negotiate with creators and other NFT traders, suited to your communication preference.

LooBr Score

A new account starts with 0 points. Building a strong profile and interaction with NFTs on the marketplace will add to your personal LooBr Score. Also, buying and selling NFTs will increase your Score. As your personal LooBr Score increases, the overall value of your listed NFTs is inherently higher. This feature is new to the NFT industry!

Comments on NFTs

When you list an NFT on LooBr, all "Likes" and "Comments" will be stored with that NFT. When it is sold, the historical data will be transferred with the NFT, and will continue to grow as it is relisted going forward. Having this data will help in determining the price and seeing the overall popularity of each NFT on the marketplace. LooBr innovation!

1-Click Mint

We have designed the easiest way to mint NFT’s on your favorite blockchain. It is also possible to mint up to 100 NFTs at once with a single gas fee. This has never been seen before. This is LooBr innovation!

Mint Cross-Chain Collection

You are able to mint NFTs on multiple blockchains in a single Collection in your profile. This means you can have one collection attracting traders and collectors of every chain! This is yet another one of our industry innovations, never done before.